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Youth Meetup

We are so thrilled to begin a new ‘season’ of Youth Meetups, occurring on the *3rd Thursdays* of each month, meeting at 6:30pm at Valley Park. (Unless noted otherwise)

If you’re in 6th-12th grades (or someone you know) and are interested in joining our Youth Advisory Council, please email with your info and interest to join our #YAC.

In our coming meetings, we’ll be teaming with our local teens to create some quality commercials to further promote our Youth Advisory Council, and speak positivity toward the issues that press on our teens the most. This is an incredible opportunity to share your vision with your peers, and let your message be heard, whether in front-of-camera, or behind-the-scenes with scripting, storyboarding, and more!

Ultimately, our mission here is “Equipping our Youth to Impact our Communities,” and remember, we can’t spell Youth without YOU…so Please SHARE, Tag a FRIEND, and Plan to BE THERE!

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